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TGA Announcement


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I had four possibilities in mind for the TGA announcement. It could even be a combination:

1. "Empyrean is launching tonight!"

2. "Surprise! The New War phase 1 is coming, and it's coming in an end-of-year super-update!"

3. Warframe 2. I'm serious. It was hinted slightly at the beginning of the year, but remained a remote possibility... ...until Overwatch 2 and Path of Exile 2 were announced. Devs do compare notes.

4. This one... ...I'd rather not say. Don't want to ruin the moment. All I'm going to say is I have been half-expecting this announcement all year; ever since I completed The Sacrifice and Chimera Prologue. Just a hunch and a feeling from reading between the lines.

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2 minutes ago, Troposphere6 said:

That's true though you could probably argue that proto excalibur is more a legacy look rather than a "deluxe" version of excalibur.

You could try, but you wouldn't succeed.


3 minutes ago, Troposphere6 said:

I think we can agree Excalibur has too many skins as it is.

Absolutely, but poster boy.

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