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Empyrean: Update 27

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Ivara Prime doesn't feel , Like I was expecting. She feels weaker than the vanilla Ivara.

Liches are not great, and Empyrean was not the wait, this does not make me look forward for 'The New War' or the future of Warframe as a whole.

DE, I'm Disapointed as in the last 2 yrs + there has been nothing Great , or even good. The last good thing was Excal Umbra and the quest that accompanies it.

You pride yourself as a good developer , but you are just mediocre. You promised great things this year, we are over 1 Month in and nothing. Again disappointing.

I hope DE takes more pride and puts more effort in going further, but if their track record is anything to go by, I'm not convinced.

I am lining up games to play that are more fun:


Mass Effect trilogy.

That should take me to Sept when Cyberpunk2077 is released.


Enjoy everyone.

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Somehow managed to launch a blank railjack even though I'm still repairing the fuselage lol.  Also managed to somehow break it so it looks like you are in the gunner thing with the particle effects and all but I can only run around, aimglide, and roll.  

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