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Staticor black hole bug


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Okay yeah, so, I just tried out Staticor, and something is definitely wrong here:


The AoE on charged shots leaves behind some kind of vision-warping sphere, that pops out of existence a few seconds later.

It's actually a very cool effect, but since it (is also very distracting and) wasn't mentioned in the Update notes, I can only assume it's a (fantastically wild) bug.

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After noticing that apparently most weapons now have some version of this "warping" effect,
be it in place of a muzzle flash, during projectile travel, and / or upon impact,
I guess this effect, while broken on Staticor, is an undocumented but intended addition?

(If it's been in the game longer than that - aside from Zarr where I noticed it a while ago - then oof I'm oblivious.)

Anyway, I still find it somewhat overly aggressive on certain weapons,
e.g. Ogris sends out a severe shockwave on launch that turns the world a good 20° or so sideways,
Kuva Seer has a weaker version of that but higher Fire Rate (and wants you to aim) so it's not really comfortable either,
Scourge's Full-Auto fire leaves behind trails that all have a strong "wake ripple" effect, and OMG Sonicor.

While on the other hand, on e.g. Boltor Prime / Hikou Prime / Fusilai / Rakta Ballistica,
the projectile trails are only minimally affected by Energy Color(s) now,
mostly replaced by this (actually somewhat faint at times) new effect, not sure if that's not also a bug maybe.

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