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I am offline but online at the same time


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I love the amateurishness of it. Drop a huge co-op centric update, ask the community for feedback on this new high end group activity, fundamentally breaks all forms of matchmaking, but then we get nothing but silence because nobody actually cares and they all went home for the evening.

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Still having this issue with party invites. Has affected multiple attempts to invite players, receive message "XXX appears to be offline" when I try to invite them or vice versa. Can whisper each other. Have not been able to successfully invite anybody to party or join party since update, have been able to before update.

I appear online in my clan. I can get into pickup parties just fine. Just experienced bug when trying to invite usernames "Yonaki" or "dajen1234". Regionally discovered Yonaki is east EU while I am west US.

Please let us know if there's any additional info we can provide that would help; this issue is preventing trading and organized groups. As people mentioned that's a big deal for the RJ update


Update (not sure what this data means, but in case it helps):

Gameplay -> Analyze Network message: "All systems nominal. No UPnP or NAT-PMP detected."

Network Ports set to 4950 & 4955


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Having the same thing happen.

I can see one clan mate who lives in NM but not the one that lives in Toronto. We can all chat just fine, but if we try to invite the one from Toronto to a match, it says player not online. He can see us in his list but can't add us to a match.

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