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Railjack ishues so far


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I will try to keep it short. Got invited to Railjack mission by random H , went to dojo of that person, entered the Railjack with other 3 and the mission started, 1 minute later, screen said "host migration" , it turned out i got DC -ed from the grope and someone else took my place.

I was still on the Railjack that was not my own, and after a while someone else had joined my squad now. Few minutes later, i left the Railjack and than it got destroyed.

I got a "mission failed" screen, after that i got the message something like - not able to join the Dojo, that random H dojo.

Than i got respawned on the Railjack while it was in the "warp" animation. Doors where working, but piloting was not possible.

My escape screen was showing that i was still in the mission, despite having failed mission screens before that..there was an option "leave mission"

Click "leave mission" and the pop up says "cant leave the mission that already finished" and, back to the Railjack stuck in warp hole..

Only way to exit game ALT-Tab, force close.


Hope this helps, Railjack gamplay looked awesome.

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My issues:


pre- 27.0.1

1. As client, when in gun turret, on transition to warp, the railjack isn't drawn after you get ejected from the turret.  You can just see the doors and warp background. 


post 27.0.1

1. As client, return to drydock after mission failure results in black screen

2. gunner turret gets stuck in "deployed" position, and you can't enter it

3. when joining PUG get message saying no sessions exists, you need to create one, but i still join a group

4. as client, after returning to drydock, we can't interact with exits

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