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While I was doing a mission on Ceres on the PS4 I received a resource called Gallos Rods.  I don't believe that resource should have been released yet on the PS4, but I am unsure.  I checked and the only four resources that came out with the Rising Tide update were supposed to be Cubic Diodes, Carbides, Pustrels, and Copernics.  With the Empyrean update on PC however, Gallos Rods are on the list of new resources.

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9 hours ago, (PS4)Zuzu_with_a_Z said:

Yes they're from Empyrean which we don't have yet.

It seems all the Empyrean resources accidentally slipped into console's latest update and are in the wrong loot tables as well.

Not accidentally. It is a common practice to bring completed assets beforehand to reduce final installation size. They weren't supposed to be active I think, that is what you probably meant too.

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