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In regards to Railjack Resources


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I flew out in my Railjack  to the free flight test area. It was fun, though  the railjack itself was slower than I anticipated. However, having seen concerns over the resources we'd be getting, how it is distributed, how it will work, etc, this is what I found out so far:

  • You can prep the Railjack ahead of time with your own resources. This was demonstrated in the devstream, so it is nothing new. I have yet to determine of other people can contribute to the railjack of their own resources as well.
  • Once in mission you can only fabricate items using resources found in mission. I created a set of items ahead of time while leaving resources to use in mission. However, the resources zeroed out when I checked out the fabrication area mid mission. This so far indicates that one of the elements you need to consider is gathering resources from the environment for use in battle.

Personally, I think this is an excellent idea. It allows people to agree to collaborate in contributing resources ahead of the mission (if possible, if not only the owner fabricates from his own resources before the mission) and forces the player to consider the resources found on hand rather than stockpile or worry about people not having the resources.

The downside is that adds an additional element for players to consider when using the resources they find. Either they save it for the end of the battle, getting more for everyone to keep, or use it to increase the chances of success in battle.

This only works if they provide us with a TON of resources mid-battle. My friends are not online yet so I cant test this in the one skirmish area I have access to. If someone can determine that it will add to everyones understanding of this system.

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Speak for yourself. I think the very concept of spending resources to repair, rearm etc needs to be scrapped ASAP. It seems like the devs desperately wanted to throw in some amounts of crafting/survival game into this update but here's a hint: there are lots of players who loathe these types of games and don't play any of them for a reason. We don't want those mechanics in Warframe, either.

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Every player has their own resources which they pick up. In order to actually share them with other players they need to go to the compactor and "Refine" them. This shares them with other players but they can no longer craft railjack consumables with them in the mission.

Also, the best farm method so far is to finish the mission and then fly around in archwing collecting sutff. Those maps are huge and the actual fight usually takes place in only a small fraction of them. There's also turrets in the enviroment which drop "mods" and resources and respawn.

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