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Empyrean: Hotfix 27.0.1

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Empyrean: Hotfix 27.0.1

The first of many Hotfixes, no doubt! Please bear with us as we triage and fix issues with the surprise Update! Warframe: Empyrean is indeed here! We will be working diligently to fix major game-breaking issues as they appear. Solid reproduction steps will help us greatly in appropriate forums! 

General Changes:

  • Sentients in the Railjack Key retrieval mission no longer drop loot to address farming infinite Resources. This mission is intended to be a one-and-done mission to give you your Railjack Reliquary Key. 


  • Fixed not being able to join a Railjack mission from the Star Chart if you hadn't already completed the node.
  • Fixed Intrinsic not showing on the End of Mission screen when returning to Dojo from Railjack.
  • Fixed getting a duplicate Avionic pickup when just picking up one in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed script error when starting a mission from your Orbiter, proceeding to the Dry Dock instead, and then starting a Railjack mission from Dry Dock and skipping the cinematic.
  • Fixed the Railjack Wing Turrets FX lingering across the game until you restarted. 
  • Fixed a crash when on the Railjack Pilot seating during level level transition.
  • Fixed a crash when transitioning to missions from the Railjack.
  • Fixed a crash when failing a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a crash when in the Intrinsics screen.
  • Fixed a crash when in the Options menu.
  • Fixed a crash when firing the Acrid.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Inbox.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at Warframe Ability videos in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Enthrall ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Iron Skin ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nekros’ Desecrate ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Vauban’s Minelayer ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Gauss’ Redline ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Wisp’s Reservoirs ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Mirage’s Sleight Of Hand ability. 
  • Fixed a script error when casting Wukong’s Primal Fury ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Thurible ability.
  • Fixed [HC] text appearing for ‘Waiting For Players’ and ‘Leaving Soon’.
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1 minute ago, N64Gamefreak said:

How about a fix for having 0 revives in Railjack missions?

Seems to be a host-specific issue, others in my squad are able to revive fine, but I'm stuck in spectate mode with no option to switch.

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Still no fix for most melee combos locking your movement and momentum isn't working.

staticor is still firing on one hand instead of both hands.

Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:




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You can only pick up Avionics in the Railjack, and you have to fly straight into it, there's no vacuum. Space is kinda big, you're going to miss tons of them and that seems not ideal.


Edit: Oh and also it's infuriating if the pilot wants to $&*^ around and ignore avionics you've waypointed.

Edit 2: Fluctus projectile speed is so low that it literally can only hit things if you shoot at them when they're coming at you, and archmelee seems to be utterly broken.

Edit 3: Since when is Corvas a space plasmor? Anyway, it suffers from a similar problem except it's the amount of distance a projectile travels before disappearing. It's basically a melee weapon. I guess the heart of the problem with Corvas and archmelee is that at base there's no real way to match these ships' speed. Afterburner is too slow and dashing is too fast.

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Archwings need to be more tanky.

They take 2 hits maximum before dying. Even with Blinks and at max speed, they're just too fragile to even attempt to board a crew ship with unless its' engines are destroyed and not a single fighter around. And fighting in your Archwing is totally out of the question.

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@[DE]Megan My whole friend list appears offline, also unable to inv or receive invites from anybody, they appear offline for me and I for them. PLS help and thanks for railjack again! Update: Thanks for fixing it!!! Loving the Railjack missions, I hope everybody else has their sessions fixed as well.

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How about buffing Railjack Armor and Damage? 

I try to kill this Grineer big ship 3 times, and I get hit like 5 times  = hull breach, while I barely scratch it. I fix it, shoot 5 sec more - hull breach... This is awful !

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Why not?
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