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Archwings and blink (Rising Tides)


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Ok woke up this mornin and re-read what i posted. To clarify, i wasn't being a jerk, i legit thought there was supposed to be a cooldown and that the dodge or boost as it were was going to be the blink. I got on to farm for the new resources on the plains and vallis with my clan. While they farmed, i was testing. When i couldn't find it, they tried to no avail. 

Itzal is still the fastest archwing available, but right now I will advise maximizing those hyperion thrusters. Oh and the ripline ability is kinda horrible for acceleration, imo being able to cut the line mid connection would save that ability. It can yo-yo you back to the connection point when you really want it to slingshot you! 

Sorry About my halfhearted post earlier hope this clarifies a few things.

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