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User appears to be offline.


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so many people are experiencing the '<playername> appears to be offline' bug.

cant invite people. cant be invited. cant see recieved friend requests. can send them but cant be seen by recipient. using /join <playername> says '<playername is not in an online session' or whatever.


the irony is that we arent supposed to be able to do this solo. lel. 


soooo many people experiencing this. 


i hope to see this fixed tonight lmao otherwise players are probably gonna quit caring reeeeally fast. and i mean about warframe (which is not what i want to see happen to my favorite game)


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I'm having the same Issue. It started a few days ago when my friend and I tried the duel room in the dojo after it finished being built. The duel room didn't work and after that I have the offline issue where we can't invite each other and says we are offline even though we can chat in clan chat, private message and even trade in person with each other but still cant join as a squad.

I've tried all suggested solutions from resetting modem, checking nat and other connection options, verifying download files e.t.c. but nothing has worked. Hopefully DE is listening because my friend doesn't want to play anymore until this can be fixed.

Side note, another bug I found was if I do trade with my friend from the trading post in the dojo I can't hit esc to bring up any options and have to go to the observatory to travel somewhere else to get back esc options. (does this happen to any one else?)

Anyway best of luck to anyone with this annoying issue and fingers crossed this gets fixed soon.

Happy hunting to all you OFFLINE Tenno


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