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Graphics glitch out in Railjack from gunnery position


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I picked up Gunnery 2, so that I now have full 360 holographic sight of the combat zone. So far, so good. When I exited back to the ship, however, the ship model didn't load. I could see doors, blocky animated "out the window" images," and random hull plates whenever they took hull damage. Boarding parties appeared hovering midair at various altitudes. It only reset the ship model when the mission failed. The interior structures were still there, I just couldn't see them.

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I have this as well.

Also no mission rewards, only credits, after refining.  Could be UI glitch, will have to check post/pre game inventory.

Stuck in warp mode while warp jumping.

Joining a crew (from dojo, off of navigation screen) then being solo, stuck kneeling, turrets accessible but locked.

While part of crew repairing module in dry dock locks the game up, have to alt-tab and force close game.

And taking 90% damage when going into Archwing mode before I've even finished the animation is great.

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