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Syndicate missions loading random syndicate missions


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What I mean is that I am selecting a Steel Meridian spy mission, and I'm getting put into a New Loka capture mission. I am -44,000 with New Loka so it's not possible for me to have one of their missions.

Luckily I noticed and didn't finish but I bet some people will accidentally de-rank themselves from this

Haven't had this issue before the Empyrean update

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I had the same issue, twice now have I been put into a Red Veil mission, when I select Cephalon Suda mission. I am too at lowest possible standing with Red Veil, so those missions shouldn't be even available for me.

How this happens is that if you go into public and the game finds a host for you the mission might not be what you selected. At least so far I haven't encountered this problem when I am the host.

Also, as a side note, no de-ranking happens even if you complete the mission (I did complete one of them), but instead it works more like it would be just a regular mission. So you won't get syndicate standing (except from sigil) and it seems syndicate medallions don't show up for you either.

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