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If you are experiencing problems with customizations not saving properly, you might try doing this:

  1. If you have the Warframe game open on your PS4, shut it down completely before proceeding with the following steps.  These steps will only work if the game is not running on your system.
  2. On your PS4 Home Screen, go up to the top navigation bar and choose "Settings" (almost all the way to the right, just to the left of "Power").
  3. In the Settings menu, scroll down the list of options, and select "Storage".
  4. In your System Storage, choose the "Saved Data" category.
  5. Find "Warframe" in the list of saved data for different applications/games. This should be a small file, approximately 3.18 MB in size. 
    Press X to select it.
  6. Now, with "Warframe" being the only saved data showing on your screen, press the OPTIONS button on your controller, and then choose "Delete".

    NOTE:  In case you did not already know, this is NOT deleting the game itself from your system, nor is it deleting your Warframe account--all of your account information (your inventory, warframes, weapons, quest progress, etc) is stored on the servers at Digital Extremes. This is only deleting the small file that is created when you run the game, which stores your personal settings.  If you had customized your controller button setup, chat settings, in-game video and/or sound options--those things you will need to reconfigure after deleting this file, but that is all.  Sometimes this file can get bugged, which causes settings to keep reverting back after you made changes to them. By deleting the file, a new file will be automatically created the next time you run Warframe, and hopefully you will find that changes you make will no longer keep reverting back to the way they were before.


Hopefully this works for you, doing so has worked for me a few times in the past. Good luck, Tenno!

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