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Awkward boarding, mission starting Railjack from Orbiter (duo)


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The "duo" means I was in a party of just two people, my hubs and I.

First issue: Being invited to squad when the host is on his/her Railjack (client on Orbiter) doesn't take the client to the Dojo or host's Railjack.

Second issue. Host uses navigation on Railjack to travel to Dojo, while client is on their Orbiter. This puts the client side in Free Flight on the host's Railjack (his ship lacks my signature pink hues :P), but without any access to the controls, i.e. no way to leave the ship, except via Menu "Leave Dojo".

It's just an awkward moment trying to figure out how to get to his Railjack. I think partying up should take you to the host's/party leader's Railjack (like being auto-transported to the Dojo when getting partied).

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