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Abandoning detonating crewship into nowhere.


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Lead up: I used archwing to get onto a crewship, took out its reactor and booked it for the exit. Had 7 seconds on the clock (I tripped a couple times; first time boarding) and hit the action key for exiting the ship. The screenshot is what greeted me, along with the free-fall sound for about a minute or two before that went silent. Couldn't move, couldn't open the pause menu: only things I could do was spin my mini-map marker when I was trying to move my camera, and open chat. Unstuck did not work the two times I tried it. After a few minutes, after the second attempt at unstuck, hitting the Esc key finally brought up the most barebones of menu in that the actual menu wasn't there even though I could access Nightwave (I forgot the get a screenshot of that, sorry). I ended up having to force-quit my game since only chat worked correctly and the menu might as well have still not existed.

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