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Couple bugs with the new railjack


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All righty so I've ran into a couple of bugs while playing the new update.

First off there's the bug with getting stuck in an enemy crewships back room. Where neither the door to the reactor room or the exit ship option will let the player pass through them. This seems to be happening a lot to players who are not hosting the current session. I've had a couple instances where my archwing will fold up into my warframe and allow me to fly around this back room as if still using the archwing as well, though I will still be trapped in this room.

Secondly, rarely the railjack will get stuck in a never ending jump sequence. The railjack will enter the void tunnel or what ever you want to call it and just wont come out of it. Ive only had this one happen to me once. I wasn't the host and the match seemed to have a high ping even though the games ping was in the double digits. Players and enemies moved fine but incoming missiles and sentinels constantly stuttered as they moved.

Thirdly, If the host runs out of lives and can't respawn, no one can access the navigation panel to leave the mission. The players still alive are forced to eventually abort or fail the mission.

Lastly, Though im not sure if this one is a bug but i'll put it here anyway. Archwings all get one-shooted by enemy crew ships regardless of health and armor rating.

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