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Railjack mission alone


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Same here. I can join to other hosts as a crew member, but when i launch a mission from my raijack, nobody joins me. I'm still able to invite my friends to the railjack crew and do missions with them, but can't play with random players as a host.
*Update: it started working properly since this morning

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I managed to get people in my team when wandering in the freeroam mission to play with the Railjack. As I was not expected people to join in this "mission", I did not set it as "solo". Then two others Tennos joined, so I started a real mission. But it all ended with an infinite loading when flying back to my dock after completing the mission -_-. As the last mission I played in another Railjack ended with the pilot stuck inside a base, which means you cannot exit the mission without abandoning it, I will pause this content until major bug fixes.

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Yup, same here. I'll start a mission, pull the Railjack back behind a rock and just sit there waiting for a crew. I can be sitting there for 10-15 minutes and nothing. Once people start joining, however, three of them seem to join in fairly short order. This issue right here is more or less preventing me from playing Railjack missions. I want to use my own ship (that's what we're grinding for, after all), but I can't due to nobody joining most of the time. A game mode where teaming is mandatory, you NEED proper matchmatking.

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2 Updates and the problem is always here.

I can join a session, or i can invite my friend in mine but no others players join...

Add a possibility to create a group for join a mission with the Crew mode. For the moment, i join a crew mode without friends...

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Orbiter, board railjack, host Empyrean mission. Matchmaking work very fast in less then 1 minute.

After completed Empyrean mission and returned to Dry dock. For 2 player squad in Dojo Dry dock Railjack, start Empyrean mission, stuck in a lonely 2 player squad for the entire mission in "Public". Matchmaking doesn't work for the entire mission. The invites appears to be allowed if I have anyone online.


Edit: return to orbiter, board railjack, host mission, matchmaking worked in 10 seconds filling up to 4 player squad

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On 2019-12-19 at 7:02 PM, isolatedone said:

I have the same problem and have spent a stupid amount of time researching and then being let down when I see no mention of matchmaking in all 7(?) hotfixes so far. 😞

Just my lame two cents (because I may be totally talking rubbish here), but from what I have seen, and thought through, it seems like an overall situation which hot fixes will be just plain impossible to make.

But here is the reasoning.

A Railjack is necessarily tied to a player and a clan/dojo.

Hosting for Dojos was combined with hosting for Relays on dedicated servers a long time ago.

Public matchmaking generally works by creating and maintaining a networked squad formed on one player as the host.

Now, matchmaking situations are having to networks players (whose Railjacks are tied to Dojos, which are hosted on dedicated servers) to a “host” (and therefore the dojo of the host as well as the local hosting).

How to handle the multitude of weirdnesses that can arise from different combinations of players, hosts, and hosted hosts, live, in real time, is sort of like having to watch what happens, what goes right, what goes wrong, what goes wrong but doesn’t seem like it did, and what seems like it went wrong in two different ways, but actually went wrong in a fifteenth, while writing entirely new code to handle getting matchmaking to work right.

A hot patch for something that goes wrong, would be like fixing one bug by patching it to another, with yet another, and just creating yet another, different bug.

They launched it, and figured that there is no way to predict what will be needed (actually “built”) to get things to work, until it’s actually going. So rather than trying to describe what they are observing, and what they are figuring they’ll have to to, and what they are doing, and going to do, they are just doing it, and getting it built to “plug in” to the whole system and the application.

Like I said, that’s just how things seem, and how it seems like they have to be, (to me), because this is massively uncharted territory, with no models set by any existing games or systems to use for guides.

It’s the wild frontier. 

(Or I may have just been completely talking rubbish ... I really DO NOT KNOW).

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