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A Newbi Asking About Mastery Points



So, i started playing this, as it seems to be quite interesting, game last night and i got to the 1st proving mission for my 1st rank i believe and because i had to leave i chose to die there thinking i can do it later on, but i did not know that i can do it once a day, in case i fail. So, my question is this, is my mastery level increasing as i'm leveling up my other stuff such as warframe etc, or after i reach the 1st rank am i started off 0?


Now that i have read this myself i see it makes close to no sense, so lets put it into numbers :)


> Got into the rank 1 proving grounds mission, and i failed it.

> Did other normal missions where i got about.... 500 mastery points.

>1 day has passed since i failed my rank 1 mission, so i started it again and i've passed it and now i have achieved the rank 1.

Am i half way through for rank 2, as in I already have 50% of the necessary mastery rating because of the mission i did mean while, or do i start with 0% progress?


Thank you and i hope i made some sense :)

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Exp for Master Ranks come from Leveling up Weapons and Warframes.   Even if you reach the cap for a Rank all the Exp you earn for the next Rank will be carried over.   It should also be noted that you only get the exp for Master Ranks once per Frame and Weapon.  So you will need to level up quiet a few weapons and frames down the line to reach the max Rank there is :3.   Frames give you 6000 Points towards your Master Rank, and weapons give you 3000 :3

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if you fail the Rank Mission, you don't lose your earned mastery points and still can earn more mastery points leveling your weapons/frames



need anything more to say?



edit: 3 replys in 2 minutes? @.@

ninjas everywhere

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