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Xbox One X is ready for HDR and Hi-Res Textures


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I'm sure that this hasn't been forgotten, but I wanted to pop in and express interest. Warframe is beautiful on the Xbox, and this isn't a complaint in any way shape or form. However I know that it would really pop if the Xbox One X enhancements were completed. Support for HDR would be a big deal. And I do notice that the textures and the details in the open world are a bit lower than on PC. The Xbox One X can handle these things, and Microsoft has the new Xbox Series X coming soon. So I'm excited to see these changes come through at some point and I hope that things are moving along on the development side. The Feedback board is a place where DE can gauge interest in a feature so that they can determine how to prioritize it. So that's all this is. Expressing interest and excitement for something that makes Warframe even more fun for Xbox players.



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There are a few differences with the Xbox. Especially when it comes to HDR. It's not as common for a gamer to have an HDR monitor on PC. They are available, but it's not a mainstream item yet. In contrast the majority of new TV's do support HDR and Microsoft is pushing for widespread adoption in Xbox games. It makes a big difference in color and brightness quality when it's part of a game. And I'm also fine if DE decides to integrate support for it on PC as well. 

Environment models on PC have better architecture and detail than they do on Xbox. And I'm guessing that this is because of the low RAM and VRAM on the standard console. The Xbox One X has considerably more and can handle PC-like loads. That's what Microsoft's enhanced program is all about. It's about upgrading assets and such to take advantage of the X's higher end hardware. That's what the request is about. 

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