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So, I Noticed This About Galatine


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You might want to check those settings again. My galatine is straight and sharp. 

Settings on max, and i restarted the game many times.

Sure, the sword is "perfect" when you look at it in a normal way. But crouch and put you camera close to your sword. Bam, it's ugly.


And, even if it was a settings matter, the texture should never look that way.

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No, you guys don't get it... i don't care if it's rounded or not (though it shouldn't be), i'm talking about how much the texture is poorly cut-out.

And the sword isn't even straight.

But I got it, I got it!


Looking at it exceptionally closely it reminds me, when I had a close up look it didn't look like this. I think you might be experiencing one of those texture/model issues. It randomly pops up and then goes away, I've also had it. Happens frequently with the standard Frost. It's almost as if it uses a low quality LOD texture/model for a few seconds. I'm reasonably certain when I looked at it the texture that wasn't of that bad quality but when I had the low texture bug appear, it was similar to your example.

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