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Railjack huge bug report


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me and my friend played this when it just came out the first hour so maybe some of these might be fixed in the most recent hotfix but theres some new ones.(railjack)

1. when joining a game, sometimes its infinite loading (repeats on 0 and joins nothing)

2.when entering grineer ship multiple bugs, often the door won't open, you can shoot through the door and kill the generator but  you can't exit wit hthis bug. so you have to wait for the ship to explode.

3. when killing the grineer ship pilot and taking over the ship, if you stay in there until it blows up you get stuck on the control with your archwing and if you then leave you go in your just warframe mode in space, this also happens if you just before the ship explodes take the control.

4.when entering gunner seat theres a chance you enter the room you don't see but you're in when you're controlling the guns, but you don't control the guns. you're just stuck in the placeholder box.

5. when entering slingshot you might not get the sight and be stuck in the slingshot.

6. bullets from grineer ships, that are slightly homing in. will hit and follow invisible archwing.

7. exterior colour sheme of ship and name reset every time after mission when you go back to the drydock.

8. when the ship explodes, i won't die. my friends will. not sure which one is the right one.

9.sometimes when i'm in the ship after a bug everything is black i can stand and run a round a tiny bit but stuck too and can't dso anything.

10. unstuck brings you to a place in the glass in a shiip that i just broke spawning back the grineer ship. can't escape

11. when one of the bugs that makes you go in warframe mode in space and you can use your normal weapon. so when i use my vectis i can 1 shot a grineer ship.

12. sometimes when entering a ship your guns have the models of a archwing gun or melee weapon, but still use your normal weapon.

13. sometimes when entering a grineer dropship, you stay in your arwing model, you can shoot the archwing  weapon but bullets don't go out and you don't see the archwing but you can fly kinda around but because of the bigger hotbox theres not much you can do.

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