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Clan Ui Not Appearing.


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     As a Xbox Silver player, I was invited to a dojo. I could click on the clan dojo node, and then enter the dojo. After a past update; I believe before the "Saint of Altra", But after "The Jovian Concord". If I click on the dojo node, It pulls me directly into the dojo. I do not get the Ui for the clan. I do not see any of my clan mates, my rank, whats happening, just nothing. I didn't mind this because I believed It would be patched out. However, now that dry docks is out, I wanted to see how my clan was doing in building the docks; To see if I needed to donated materials, but I couldn't. After looking around and talking in region, I also realized that I couldn't even leave my clan,(Not that I will). I did not find anything on the xbox forms or online forms talking about this, so I wanted to bring it to attention. 

Is this a glitch,bug, or am I being incompetent.

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