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[INT][PC]​ ⚔️ ​ Guardian Prime is recruiting ​ ⚔️ ​


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Guardian Prime is Recruiting!


We are a semi-casual Shadow Clan (30 members max), We will stay at this tier, I believe an large it becomes impersonal and more of a crowd than a friendly group. That said, we like to participate for awards in events (hence semi), receiving gold trophies in every event since the clan was created. That said our goal is to be a friendly community with nice players. We share our discord server with our sister clan, Synetics, as their clan leader is a friend of mine and our communinties mingle often.

What we have to offer

  • Fully researched Labs (and new weapons will be started researching within a day or two of release)
  • A well decorated Clan Dojo with Dry Dock and organized teleporter menu 
  • Friendly community
  • Clan MoTD Updated frequently with News for the clan or a few important game changes
  • Clan Logo {Seen above}
  • Clan Discord that we use as a messageboard/forums

♥️Screenshot Dojo Tour



  • Mastery rank 6+ (higher the better, shows dedication/longevity of the player)
  • Participation in future operations (Scoreboard Operations, not Ghouls/Fomorian etc, those are up to the individual)
  • Friendly and active player, more than 3 weeks AFK and no contact/reason warrants a boot (Understand burnout/life/finals etc are all fine reasons)
  • Most of our players are active in the afternoon-evening [NA timezones] so it'd be best for you to be active during these times too, that being said we do have some euros. This just makes sure you dont join a clan and feel alone for the time periods you play at.
  • Fluent in English, it does not matter if english is not your first language, but you should be able to communicate with other clanmates
  • Be in the Joint Clan discord & be contactable through discord (for events & clan notices)


Applications are received by sending me [Coldstreme] [Discord @Cold#1027]

  1. Signing up to our discord here ( https://discordapp.com/invite/SXXUqrX, Alternate: https://discordapp.com/invite/jrBCE6f ) and sending me a DM
  2. Replying to the thread (slower response)

Message/post should include: 

  • In-Game name
  • Mastery Rank
  • What time you'll be available for invite
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