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Suggestion - Radial Javelin should use the enemy scaling mechanic from Vauban rework


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7 minutes ago, Sziklamester said:

I personally would just remove that ability completely and replace it with a heal/cc/damage reduce ability. Old ability for sure but out of place often and for mass murdering there are his exalted blade.

I feel like Excal could use some rework. Not a complete overhaul, but like his 1 is pretty boring to use but atleast it's affected by mods and the Radial Javelin is pretty lackluster.
One personal dislike for me is that slide attacking on Exalted Blade is an energy drain with a blind you can cast with a button anyway. Can't we just have an option to slide attack on him with the Exalted Blade on? (I know they have different duration and cost, but they probably could be baked in together some way)

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Turn it into a simple Multi-directional block skill, give it the same cones of blocking as Exalted blade (60 degrees) and make it so when you reactivate it it sends the veil out like how the ability works currently.

Give it a few damage tweaks and that defensive utility and you have a perfect replacement.

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