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Warframe duplication bug on he Railjack. (Tested on free flight only)


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So today while playing around on Railjack I went into some free flight and when I was done I left back into the dojo.

Because I have the habit of going into operator while ending a mission I noticed a real fun thing, my Warframe returned to me, but it didn't? When I looked behind towards the navigation console, there was an operatorless Warframe standing there, but I still had my frame, so I decided to try this again and again eventually stopping at 4 operatorless Warframes standing there with working sentinels may I even add, but I suspect I could have kept going with this, I just didn't want to push my luck.

I was playing with Nekros Prime and I have some footage of this if it cannot be reenacted to test it out. (I'm just too lazy to clip it unless I really have to)

I tried testing this with Excalibur Umbra, but such bug didn't happen.

Also nothing extra was thrown into my inventory, this isn't an exploit or game breaking from what I can tell, it's just there... existing.



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