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Mosquito out dps 50 cal-jack.


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I just wanted to say it seems odd that i can face tank archwing cannon blasts and one hit kill ships, or penetrate their hull. But my cookie cruiser takes as long as an archwing gun, or longer, to kill enemies. The balance seems quite off. Not just how weak everything is as a whole but also in relation to other gear. Everything needs massive buffs, and enemy toughness needs to be adjusted so that earth starts out fairly easy to solo but ramps up so that the last mission makes you sweat and fear failure. 

As is, all the missions on earth seemed equally doable with an inexperienced team as long as one guy stomps the objs.

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23 минуты назад, PookieNumnums сказал:

as long as an archwing gun

Way, WAY longer.

I just do BRRRRRAT in crewship and it booms stopped, then go boarding. Comparing to level 1 guns you gonna poke that crewship for ages. Not to mention it constantly distracts you with breaches/fires/boarding etc.

As for now the perfect combat solution is just 3/4 crew members are archwinging and dogfighting while the rest solo member does his thing with Omni and repelling "amateur enthusiasts".

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