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Getting stuck in a Grineer ship


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Today, when breaking into a Grineer ship, the following problem occurred: my Warframe was inside the ship, but it was using Archwing's weapons (not using Archwing) and, besides, could not interact with anything on the scene (the doors they wouldn't open, I couldn't pick up items from the floor and couldn't leave the ship either), in the end it was necessary to abort the mission so that my squad could finish it

Notice that in the following image, I have Archwing's weapons in place of the weapons that were with my Warframe. And the exit door in front of me didn't work


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also a lot of times the grineer ships doors, do not open for CLIENTS, meanwhile a host can go inside the ship and destroy it...

and clients get stuck inside grineer ships until host destroyes the ships... or clients use the return to railjack from tactician 4

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