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Empyrean: Hotfix 27.0.2


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there's a bug that happens when warping after completing a railjack mission where the we get stuck forever in the "load screen" and the only way to leave is toforce close the game or abort, losing everything we obtained from the mission

this has happened at least 4 times now, and all when tackling the higher level missions, causing the loss of a massive amount of resources and wreckage

this update should have been released much much later, there are far too many bugs and glitches and the mode's balancing, even when focused on co-op is so bad that players would rather deal with the garbage arch guns than fly in a bloody paper plane that gets blown up in 4-5 seconds

and on the topic of archwing why are they so vulnerable? every single mission, regardless of level, archwings can be shot down almost instnatly, and the change for all archguns to be projectile based has made the vast majority of them utterly useless. why was this change made? was it for balancing purposes? so arcwing don't "outclass" the railjack? if anything most arcwings do outclass the railjack even with the near-instant-death

fix the stupid bugs, balance out enemy ships so they don't tear the archwing and railjack apart in seconds and for god's sake FIX THE STUPID BUGS

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I keep getting "lost connection" whenever I jump into a mission on a public setting. Making matter worse is when you finally load into the mission, which now takes a firgging long time, you get "host migration" and that sends the mission objectives to hell cause now I can't finish the mission.

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15 hours ago, Shadedraxe said:

This!!! This needs to happen!!! I have to cycle two loops to reach my omni tool. And I’m not about to get rid of all of my gear items just so the omni tool is within the first loop.

cant you just go one slot to the left? it should be in your last gear-slot.

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1 hour ago, kurosakira said:

Could you guys also implement our normal ships as small star fighters in rail jack missions? 

tbh i actually duno why this is not a thing to begin with. i mean we are able to use our archwings so why not our "Base ships"? Logic please? I mean its not like our base ships are small or something (compared to our rail jack from the inside, its kinda like half/ 1/3 the size i guess)...

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I'm going to explore this more today but what I get on mission, resources wise, and what I see when I get back to my orbiter and see mission results is always vastly different. An example is after we complete a mission(not on my personal ship but someone else's ship) I see all kinds of resources gained on my end of mission results, I get back to the my orbiter and I see only one resource. Could it be the owning player is refining the resources and it ends up in my inventory?  I'll check that today when I play, also intrinsic points I get in mission seems to change to a different amount when I get to dry dock, for instance I got 16 E points on mission, I get back to orbiter still 16 E points but when I get to the dry dock to use them it's down to 9?? Just some things I'm running into.

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On 2019-12-14 at 4:33 PM, M3JA said:

1. Fix the host migration bugs, every single time some potato host is hosting everything goes to hell after, bugs, crashes, etc...

2. I hate the fact that we need a squad just to play, barely anyone is online to join a mission, not to mention recruit chat being "I don't care about Railjack missions" and are only interested in their own gains so there is no help from the recruit chat.

3. What is up with the dmg of those fighters? I mean, come one, not only do they have massive damage we have toothpicks to fight them with.

4. The Omni Gear tool needs to be free and infinite uses, legit sometimes there are barely any resources to make the thing so we can repair the Railjack (I have been the repair man every single time, so please address this asap) and on top of that, sometimes it just doesn't count when we collect resources. Or better yet, reduce the cost of repairs with the Omni Gear tool, this isn't balanced nicely.

5. Everything is slow, (not to mention the crazy amount of resources need to make everything), how will we progress if there isn't any solo gameplay available? As I sad in 2. this isn't good, we NEED solo gameplay, many low mastery players will have problems finding a squad just to finish the missions in the future. This is not the best concept of gameplay and we need solo gameplay, just for the fact that we need to finish all of this.

6. This is a nice change, but it needs a lot of work, first as I said SOLO gameplay is a must, more resource drops. Why do we even have the vacuum thing on the railjack and archwing? Just make it that when we kill something we get the resources and mods, its kind of hard to see them in space.

And thats it from me, its a fun concept, but it needs more work, especially for solo gameplay.


Hello there. I've been playing railjack entirely solo so far. It's challenging but very fun as well. It will get easier if you just keep at it 🙂

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On 2019-12-14 at 8:42 PM, Kim-Pine said:

Each missions is a bug fiesta... It is atrocious, it felt so damn "alpha" -_-.

Why did you guys release this now ? It is absolutely not ready !!!

I don't mind waiting, really , i just want to play without telling me every second "will it crash ?"

Please DE take your time, don't rush such huge update.

Whole reason why they rush it is due to complaints of nothing to do

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Whatever you guys and gals did to fix the railjack netcode broke netcode for trading and joining dojos:

this is the new norm: six plus people who i can chat with but not invite to group.

six + people, all online, all connected to chat server, groupserver unable to connect, host not found errors.SOMEONE MESSED the behind the curtain servers, somewhere.



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