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Guest Yan7668114

我是一位來自台灣的玩家,用的是繁體中文字幕。我有很多朋友是中國的玩家,我以前可以很清處的看到他們打出來的簡體中文字幕,但是,現在只要他們打出簡體中文,就會變成******* 我以為是我的電腦出問題了,但是之後聽到很多玩家說,是字體的更新。如果我的字幕該城簡體中文,就會有一大堆繁體中文變成********,這困擾了我很久。我真的覺得這更新糟透了!



I am a player from Taiwan and use traditional Chinese subtitles. I have a lot of friends who are Chinese players. I could see the simplified Chinese subtitles they typed in the past, but now if they type simplified Chinese, it will become *******. There was a problem with the computer, but afterwards many players said that it was an update of the font. If my subtitles are in simplified Chinese, a lot of traditional Chinese will become ********, which bothers me for a long time. I really think this update sucks!

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