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Returning player after 11 months of break, need help on knowing what has changed



Hello, I'm a player who has came back to Warframe after 11 months of break. I took my break around 1-2 months before Equinox Prime was dropped due to burning out, and now I just came back to Warframe today, excited to see what has changed.

Now my question is, what and how much has changed? I heard that Condition Overload is now mediocre due to it being nerfed, are Crit builds now the meta of the melee? Are there any changes that massively affected the fundamentals of the game other than Melee 3.0? How does Melee 3.0 work now even? I really need a follow-up of the game, been quite overwhelmed that I don't know where to look honestly.

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ok, currently melee wise:

condition overload is one of your main damage mods, you need to inflict 2 status's, at that point and beyond its better than primed pressure point.

primed pressure point will do more damage vs condition overload if cannot inflict 2 status effects.

so low level stuff or weapons that can't get that status even with forced stance procs, pressure may very well be better, long missions overload will do better most of the time.

so why not mix the two? you'd get better returns filling that slot with an elemental mod, so its one or the other.


so, pick your damage mod, add crit and elements, fluff mods like fury or reach, done.

that's it as I understand it; I'm sure there are situations where it'll vary, but that's been the general guiding build I've seen so far.

beyond that you also have heavy attack builds for things like scythes which get some really meaty slash procs in, or redeemer with its bullets.


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