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Empyrean: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Future


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oH LoOk iTs aNoThEr eMpYrEaN pOsT.

Lets be honest here, everyone under the sun has stated their thoughts on empyrean, some say its good, others take a dump on it and I'm jumping on the bandwagon like a small child trying to escape slavery. So lets run over whats good about this update, whats bad and what they can do in the next update to make it better.

The Good:

- Its fun, this gamemode is hectic and fun as all hell, it also incorporates almost every system in warframe right now: ground combat, archwing, crafting etc

- Teamplay: Warfame is a game that often has little to no synergy between players as its often like you are fighting your team for the highest scores, Empyrean requires communication to do well and thats great

- The technical execution: simply put, everything works amazingly to the effect that what another player is doing rarely disrupts your own gameplay

The Bad:

- The bugs: enough said, its rather easy to break this gamemode

- Lack of diversity: Most if not all of the missions are the same dogfights over and over so it can become repetitive

- Lack of connection: Empyrean was promised to connect the world of warframe instead of giving a side activity to do, the current gamemode is the opposite of what was promised in that regard.

What needs to be done:

- Bug fixes

- Provide different gamemodes with the railjack, and not just with tenno in enemy bases, like completing the objectives with the ship itself

- Jump to missions and connectivity, you can enter free flight, kill some enemys and then fly down to a mission node on a planet from free flight. Once a mission is ended you are also given the option to return to orbiter or re,enter free flight and travel to the next node. unique rewards are offered for this to provide an insentive to fly around, possibly an xp or resource booster that stacks for each mission you play consecutively.

Other notes:

- Alot was promised with Empyrean so as long as they follow through with that this gamemode will only improve

- People saying that this is just archwing 2.0 need to get back into the ship and play the gamemode instead of trying to lone wolf it.

- What the #*!% is that finger from


This gamemode is fun but repetitive and needs more improvements and connections to the rest of the game to truly soar (pun very much intended)

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I wonder, seriously, why they take away all the improvements that they did with archwing, the actual combat UI, I mean distances from enemies, aim trajectory, UI signaling where the enemies are in respect to you, not only in archwing but in the gunner UI..... is a huge downgrade for what "space" combats its all about.

And if this things are but you need to improve ranks with avionics, is ridiculous, take away things that are in every archwing mission and make you waste points in improving it..... is a big no, no.

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