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Hi i recently posted this a ticket but pass the buck to the forums..so i noticed certain built parts of rooms have gone missing . For instance a rock was the first which actually looks better gone and another clan members colour scheme. but the casino i built has a wall missing which took me 3weeks to build(the whole room not the missing section) inbetween server kicks which when in build mode youve got to reload press A 3 times ,enter obiter ,nav and sit through another load screen while creation burns a hole into your grey matter. So ive tried to replace and had msg saying no cant place room at its full capacity though before the wall had disappered it was at its cap. Now ive the task to adjust this which is not easy at all due to the crazy mechanic that even in free place flicks and flips item and now have to decied on deletion of details that will ruin the whole look and feel. 


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