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Addiction and Warframe


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I've been meaning to post this after seeing everyone's opinion on addiction and Warframe. There's alot of misconception that it is compulsion or bad habits. Addiction, real clinical addiction is partly these things, but comes with a whole different layer that people never talk about because it's very private or unknown to them. As an addict and a person that has gotten to know many personally, there is a pattern between addiction and Warframe. 1: Like many, many things in life, it provides an escape from reality. However, where it differs from say reading a book is that Warframe like many FTP games offer a continuous cycle of rewards and the ability to abuse the reward system in our brain. The addict or the person that is strictly looking for that constant escape will get that because they will be stuck on a cycle of continuous reward hunting without end (RNG) or (Obsurd challenges that are out of their scope of skill). "Doesn't that mean the addict is flawed and not the game or DE"? Not necessarly. This constant, never ending hunt also takes alot of time, effort, research, sometimes financial use and addition to your daily habits to be a functional player. I have 3.5k hours on this game and the sheer time sink early on to even get to good content was ludicious. Than when I got to the good content, I was met with lots and lots of RNG that would keep me farming T1-4 keys in hopes of something dropping. I will say, back when it was the towers, before relics were around it was easier to keyshare and get what you needed, but now, collecting prime equipment is part of your life. 2: Addicts look for any reason to use their drug and I mean any. Talk to a player that has top gear from sinking hours upon hours into this game in a short period of time or paid for all the primed access packs. I'm strictly excluding streamers here because they are doing it as a job and get publicity and financial kickback from playing the game. The average addict on the other hand doesn't they do what a streamer does without getting a realistic kickback. What they get is the A:fantasy that they are doing something important and B:escape from their mediocre lives. Yes I said mediocre because if it wasn't, we wouldn't be here and this wouldn't even be a discussion because addicts would be doing things like painting, drawing, building computer programs, *insert constructive hobby here, or hell, taking care of your family or putting in extra hours at work to have savings. I've read many post about people spending every waking hour on this game and many others. This game is addicting to EVERYONE because it gives us all something, never ending pleasure, a never ending ego stroke, never ending supply of "friends", never ending "wealth", all at the cost of our lives. You know what, i'm writing this because i'm right there in the mix. I'm escaping like everyone else from the stresses of my life to what I thought was an innocent gaming experience, that turned out to be a gambling casino in disguise.

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