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Second and Third Players Discconect From Squad In Lobby


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So this has been something of a long-standing issue for me since I got my new computer (previously I played on a laptop and, consequentially, avoided being host). The essence of the issue is that when I am the host and invite people, the first person to join me has no issue remaining connected. If I invite a third and fourth player, they will disconnect sequentially in the reverse order they joined (4th spot disconnects before 3rd). What makes this weird and something I've been able to live with until now is the fact that, if we're quick on getting into the mission, their connection remains totally stable and fine for the duration of the actual mission.

I've attempted numerous fixes on my end - router reboots (and resets), pinging my friends IP's, running tracerts to them, reinstalling the game entirely and even reinstalling Steam. So far nothing has had any effect on the issue. At this point I'm out of ideas.

And thus I'm turning to the forums. Any ideas? Suggestions for things to attempt? Weird arcane knowledge about networking that might provide some insight?

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