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Railjack needs a tutorial mission.


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How is it even after so many years and even acknowledging from DE that they have done a bad job at explaining basic details and functions of their game for new players.  I'm literally thrown to the wolves on my first railjack mission with no knowledge of any kind on what is required of the missions, how to do it and what important features do I need to have to avoid failing and succeed at this new mission style.


Would it have been that hard to make a basic mission where I had to deal with 1 feature at a time with my AI explaining how to preform that function.   It be easy if the mission when like this.  We warp into the area and realize there is a lone damaged grineer ship.  objective 1= fly the railjack towards the grineer ship.   Maybe have us shot a few asteroids out of the way.  As we get within sight of the grineer ship they launch a few 3 fighters.  Objective 2= Dismount navigation and report to gunners chair and destroy the 3 fighters.  Once destroyed we get alerted to a boarding party approaching.  Objective 3= dismount gunners chair and repel enemy invaders.  Quick fights and then boom, the grineer ship has repaired itself just enough to now start firing back and has basic movement again.  Objective 4= Fix the 3 small breachs with Omni tool in your gear slot.   once player have fixed 2 of the breachs he finds out he need more ammo for the tool.  Objective 5= Refuel your omni tool and fix final breach.   Grineer shots again, this time causing a fire and electric short.  Objective 6- put out fire and repair system.  Objective 7= disembark ship with arc wing, board enemy ship and destroy reactor.  Return to ship, mission complete!  Your advised by the AI that you barely survived your first trip with a single damaged grineer ship and that you will need to have crew if you have any intention of disembarking again and surviving.

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I'm not new to wf, but I have to confess that i found this new content totally overwhelming (specially as I don't have a lot of time to play)...
And as most of the content seems to be played in scouad, i'd love to have a little knowledge of what to do, before joining or launching a scouad.

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