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Railjack Annoying Bugs


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Ok so yeah there are a few bugs in railjack, But can we please be aload to ABORT once the mission is finished and KEEP our S#&$. 
also unstuck command Needs to be bloody fixed. i was mildly stuck in a mission objective. then using the command it full got me stuck.
Unstuck while in Archwing SHOULD put you in open space near nothing.. i dont care if its 2km from my ship. its better then getting me stuck further in walls! ... its happened to a few people i played with last night.  (also piss the cooldown on Unstuck off while the game mode is in this Broken state. and unstuck should NEVER send you to the same "unstuck" location 2 times in a row because clearly the first attempt didn't work!) 

crew members need to be able to access Nav, even if it functions like a Mission prompt that has to be Okayed by the Host\RJ owner.
 loosing 20 mission rewards is BULLS#&$ because of a command that made S#&$ worse and further more a whole Crew loses out as well. thats not fun at all. 
the Crew should be aloud to leave after the mission is deemed "complete" and NOT have to wait for the RJ owner who can hold them captive. 

So in short.
Fix Unstuck properly an remove cooldown or fix it.
nav system function like normal missions that can be Okayed by ship owner.
squad\crew can leave completed missions an keep stuff. 
can "abort" completed mission (just sends you back to Drydock) 

yes i know its new and bugs are to be expected. i love the game mode. i hate the fact i have lost 10 missions worth of rewards an loot due to broken navs stuck RJ owners etc. 

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