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Mag Prime Crush Upgraded; Now Also Has Stomp's Statis Mode!


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So today I came across this awesome bug when I used Crush:






Speculations are that this might get caused by Coolant Leak + Crush , but for now I'm just gonna enjoy of this as long as I can :D

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Anybody else missing the old pull v2 ?


Wouldn't mind the new pull as an alternate ability, could call it "scatter".


Nothing was as fun as 3x pulling a room full of enemies, using crush on 30 bundled up mobs and finishing the survivors with the dual ether's finishing move or just a jump smash from the reaper prime.


Like I said many times. Instead of replacing a working skill  with a completely new skill, start adding alternative abilities so us Tenno can personalize our warframes even more !


DE, would it be so hard ?

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Currently I find crush useless. You can use pull for 18 energy 390 damage(modded). It cc's and is targetable.


Crush 1300 damage(modded) for 70 energy the area of effect is less and not targetable, also cc's. Also if you equip crush that is one less mod you can put on your mag.


I believe crush should be buffed to 1500 damage and 20m radius just to make it a better choice is situations.

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focus doesnt affect it

and how bad can a lag be to link 5 targets?


It's not lag, it's just graphical error (though it could be lag, I'm no expert). When I play with a group of my friends as Trinity they say I look like a tentacle monster from a hentai movie from spamming Link so much (I literally have a hundred links sprouting in different directions or sometimes all in one direction. The links don't actually do any damage, because on the Trinity's screen he looks just fine (as I have experienced). Other players will notice the graphical error though. When the Trinity uses Link again, it will only link 3 targets to damage at a time. 

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