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Bad Placement for Railjack Name on Sungem Skin


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Image speaks for itself...

Text just floats there, though before the update it was attached but looked bad as it was weirdly offset and overlapped different sections of the ship.

Honestly the text looks bad on all the skins, would be way better if;

1) It had its own color channel!

2) looked like it was part of the ship (like engraved) instead of flat text (maybe give it the Wear & Tear treatment?)

3) This one would be a nice to have but not supper needed, a way to addjust the text placement or scale of it like we have for our front and back sigil on our warframes.


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I thought about making my own topic about this but it's kinda related.

First of all, I agree, and it's not just the Sungem. The Caballero skin also has it's text floating in the air rather than painted on the hull like the regular design does.

In addition I'd like to add that the ship's name should have a separate color and not be tied to Tertiary. That's my biggest beef at the moment. I want to have the Tertiary color be black, but then the name is also black and doesn't show up very well...

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