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More uses for Parazon


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So, the addition of the Parazon is a really cool thing, and I enjoy the assassin-style take downs. Using it to hack consoles is also a cool replacement of the old animation where we typed on an imaginary keyboard.

The Parazon always had some reach to it, being able to extend further than the wrist length, but all of its combat purposes right now are kind of limited to close range finishers / "mercy". 

With Railjack, and seeing the Parazon being used on the Forge repeatedly, just further reinforces the possible length and reach of the weapon / tool.

So, my suggestion / hope is that:
1) Let Parazon become a legitimate melee weapon, similar to Garuda's talons. So if we unequip melee, all warframes will default to Parazon combat. All the melee mods will apply when used as melee weapon in this manner. As for Garuda, let us choose which one to use. Alternately, change the UI such that the melee weapon options includes a "Parazon", while Garuda's has "Parazon" and "Talons". 

2) Include in the Parazon combos or gap closer, a move that extends the blade out, around 15m to 20m, and can be used as a type of harpoon attack to pull enemies to the ground and drag them closer.  If modded with sufficient damage or the combo counter is stacked well enough, we should be able to have the option to just throw a well-aimed blade out and headshot enemies and recall it, skipping the "dragging them closer aspect." (basically throwing dagger with rope)

3) Optional: introduce new Parazon mods that allow for some "remote hacking", up to maybe 15-20m, but within line of sight.

4) Or if turning Parazon into a complete melee weapon is not part of the vision for Warframe, perhaps just introduce a Parazon mod that would allow performance of mercy finishers from 10 - 15m away 


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I've thought that certain damage types should lower the threshold for how much health the enemy needs.

Say, you could get a chance Parazon 7% (enemy health) sooner, for something being afflicted with xstacks of toxin..
Impact stagger knocking enemies off footing, being frozen, during Heat "Panic", Electric stun..
All of those moments could flex the accessibility of parazon.

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The Parazon I think could've been a fine addition to the game as a melee weapon among others. However, in its current state it's been shoehorned into the game, taking up an entire customization slot and apparently becoming one of the defining features of our warframes, despite having no purpose outside of one niche gimmick that should likely not even exist. It doesn't meaningfully contribute to hacking, its mercy finishers look cool the first few times they're used, but are otherwise impractically slow and restrictive, and its part in Kuva Lich Hunting via Requiem mods is a design abomination. Really, I think the best compromise for those who like its animations would be to turn it into a regular melee weapon, and give it a special passive where enemies below a certain health threshold open themselves up to finishers, while cleansing it and Requiem mods from Lich grinding.

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