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Dr. Tengus


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Tengus did appear in one of the comics, in which Vay Hek - prior to his transformation - was hosted by the Twin Queens to reveal his new Ghoul units. Vay Hek ends up accidentally offending the Queens, which Tengus then uses as an opportunity to betray Vay Hek without repercussions. he kicks Vay Hek into a pit of his own Ghouls, but the Queens order Tengus to salvage him before he is totally eaten alive. Tengus ultimately turns Vay Hek into the monster he is now, the scene ends with Vay Hek strangling Dr Tengus.

it's unclear whether or not Tengus is still alive, but he appears to be more of a schemer than other Grineer; the kind of guy who will stab you in the back rather than the front. not all Grineer agree with his methods, as evidenced by Sargas Ruk's opposition when Vay Hek approves the Grustrag Three for field ops, despite their fratricidal tendencies. personally I hope we get to see either Saturn Six or the Grustrag Facility, I bet a Grineer Prison would make for an awesome Tileset!

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