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Railjack Feedback: Avionics Mods GRID System. Bring more creativity for players on Railjack builds!


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P.S. : I checked the feedback section, but none mentioning feedbacks regarding Avionics Mods. So i decided to put a seperate topic here.

First time i saw the Avionics Mods UI, I expected modding placement to matters a lot (The same as elemental modding on weapons, per se)


I suggest implementing a "House Bonus" whenever players put in avionics mods adjacent to each other.


SIMPLE Version of GRID System

Putting mods with the same house adjacent to each other will yield house bonuses. For Example, 2 Zakti Mods will give 10% Turret Damage bonus, 3 will give 15% with the maximum of 45% Bonus.


Only 5 Zakti Mods bonus count (25% Turret Damage Bonus), the "forever alone" Zakti mod on the lower left of the grid does not count towards the bonus because it's not adjacent with similar house. Of course, 3 Lavan Mods give another bonus (i.e. 12% Engine Boost / 4% per mod adjacent Lavan Mods). Standalone mods doesn't give any bonus.

Z - Z - Z

L - L - Z

Z - L - Z


ADVANCED version of GRID System

Putting same house mods adjacent to each other -in a specific shape- will yield different bonuses.

Example ONE:

  1. Small T shaped Vidar Mods will yield 15% Reduction Flux Energy Consumption
  2. U shaped Lavan Mods will yield 20% Bonus Armor.

V - V - V

L - V - L

L - L - L

Example TWO:

  1. Small L shaped Vidar Mods (upright or reversed) will give 15% faster turret cooldown (overheating)
  2. Small L shaped Lavan Mods (upright or reversed) will yield 2s Reduction Shield Recharge Delay
  3. Three Zakti Mods in Horizontal or Vertical placement will yield 5% bonus Critical Chance

V - V - Z

L - V - Z

L - L - Z

There is also F shape, big L shape, big T shape, small U shape, big U shape, simply two adjacent mods, an X shape, O (or Square) shape, and so on.


TBH I like my "Advanced Version" of the system, it brings creativity for the players on making a build.


Meet House Lavan, makers of Railjack technology from the Old War. Specializing in engines and shields, House Lavan focused on delivering rock-solid technology at a lower resource cost.  Their components were the backbone of the Orokin fleet but lacked the customization required by elite units.

Meet House Vidar, makers of Railjack technology from the Old War. House Vidar were material specialists that made a name for themselves with the shrewd balancing of performance and cost.  The ability of their hull and armor components to withstand extreme elements earned them the loyalty of specialized units.

Meet House Zetki, makers of Railjack technology from the Old War. House Zetki's components were considered the best of the best. However, their exorbitant resource and energy requirements meant that only the fleet's most important vessels could be outfitted with Zetki technology.

Seeing 3 Houses that has different description, here are some bonus ideas that come to mind.

House Lavan Mods Bonus: (Mobility and Shields)

  1. Engine Boost Multiplier
  2. Engine Speed
  3. Shield Recharge
  4. Shield Recharge Delay

House Vidar Mods Bonus: (Railjack Efficiency)

  1. Flux Energy Efficiency
  2. Forge Capacity
  3. Forge Cooldown Timer Reduction
  4. Turret Cooldown Speed (from overheating)

House Zakti Mods Bonus: (Pure offense and hull health)

  1. Turret Damage Bonus
  2. Hull Health Bonus
  3. Critical Chance Bonus
  4. Status Chance Bonus
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37 minutes ago, taiiat said:

since you can upgrade the Mod Slots themselves, while having patterning might be nice i also think it might directly clash with that the Mod Slots themselves can be at different levels.

Yes, but once you upgrade all the mod slots, it doesn't matter anymore...

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