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Heavy Attacks on Hold as a toggle option PLEASE


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Already filed a support ticket for that, but I think we have to force it a little. 

It's been near two months or so, after Old Blood, the Heavy Attacks were on a specific key for that, and normal Melee wasn't affected by it. Holding Melee accidentally won't trigger a Heavy Attack, so you won't lose your Combo Counter. But after a fix, Hold Melee for Heavy is back. And no toggle option for people that actually have problems with it; like any non-Heavy Attack build. 

A Tenno tested the time needed holding melee to do heavies. They found out that it is tied to FPS, if it helps. But please, make it an option, you fixed this game flaw with Old Blood but quickly reverted it. Make it an option OR make it that if a player binds Heavy Attacks to another key, they won't do Heavy Attacks when holding normal melee. But a toggle feels a lot more simple. 

Please help us on this. This problem ruins the flow of melee combos. It feels so good now, it's sad that a little input problem like this comes to ruin it. 

I really need at least a dev to say that they know of the issue. I know there is a lot of bugs since Empyrean, but a toggle isn't a time consuming thing to implant. And it'll greatly affect the combat flow.

Big thanks for anyone that read this. Big thanks to the devs for the recent content. But please try to ship us a hotfix for that soon... 

EDIT: After Empyrean update, heavy attacks don't seem to trigger as much mid-combo, but they still do it as much at the first strike of every combo. I think DE tried to fix it but not in the best way in my opinion. Please, don't make you a headache for it, just add a toggle. Thanks vm to the eventual devs that will look into it. 

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