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So I started farming Capture III keys and I'm encountering some problems with the Corpus survival missions. At some point during the game, usually when there's an elevator or that room where you kill Hyena involved, the enemies simply stop coming. There's a period of minute or two where I see only 1 drone which eventually leads to m oxygen running out before the 15 minute mark regardless of what I do. I've been playing these missions yesterday and today and I've managed to get to 15 minutes maybe in 30% of them. I don't have these problems in Grineer/Infestation survivals which I solo to 15-20 minutes without any problems whatsoever.


I thought the problem was playing with Loki since I spend most of my time in invisibility, but the problems were there when playing with other noninvisible warframes as well. The problem also isn't in me soloing missions since yesterday I played corpus survivals with a team of Mastery Rank 7+ people (very good clear times) and we ran out of oxygen in 2 out of 3 games which suggests the problem is in the Corpus map tileset.


I suggest you remove elevators from survivals alltogether since even if they're not the problem, you still lose 30-60 seconds riding them which doesn't happen in Grineer/infestation survivals. You could also look into the Hyena room since  enemies stop spawning most of the time I'm there, or you could just make the oxygen drops dynamic for the first 15 minutes. E.g set a percentage of oxygen a player should have at 5/10/15 minutes (including supply drops) and dynamically increase/decrease mob oxygen drop rate according to the percentage of oxygen that the player has.


Please do something about it since I've lost many hours on failed 8-13 minutes survival missions during the last two days and it's really frustrating.

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