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Game is currently unplayable


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After Rising Tide dropped until a couple hotfixes later, and now again with Empyrean, the game freezes constantly. Right after clicking play the game freezes on a solid white screen. If it gets past the login screen I tend to get hang ups walking down into the Orbiter, using Navigation, or using the Arsenal. If I get to the point of picking a mission it takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to load in. And when I do finally get into the mission, I'm getting hang ups every 30 seconds or so that take at least another 30 seconds to resolve. 

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Sounds very similar to my problem. No white screens tough just constant lag. Was hard for me to even attempt to run a mission. As i said in my post(

), i tried to fix it at my end but nothing helps. My only guess is that optimization went wrong after update.

REALLY hope there will be a fix for it.

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