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Severe Performance Loss As "frozen" Enemy Bodies Explode.


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I’ve noticed that my FPS sometimes drops to seriously low numbers, and I was

completely baffled as to why. I think I have found the answer however.


When leveling up my Torid for the second time, I noticed that when an enemy

affected by the Freeze mod exploded it would temporarily lag out my system

to about 1 frame / 2 seconds. I suspect it can have something to do with the

fact that the clouds, maby combined with the graphical anomaly of stretching

dead enemy bodies already reported in the bug section, but certainly in

conjunction with exploding “frozen” bodies, are the leading cause of many of

the unnecessary host migrations and so far unexplained crashes due to the

severe impact this has on performance.


To see the effect on this, simply add/remove, the freeze mod from the Torid and

do a couple of test runs on, as an example, Cyath, Eris.

It´s infected Mobile Defense and can get stressful for some systems due to high

number of enemies. Most noticeable with a full team, but only one needs to use

the Torid with a freeze mod.


I use an MSI GT683 Laptop.


Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

6 GB Ram

GeForce GTX 560M

64 Bit system

Windows 7 Home Premium


So, nothing special really.


I do apologize if this has been brought up before, but I did a quick search and found

nothing. If I post this in the wrong place, please do move it to where it belongs, and

if this issue already has been addressed, then please just ignore this thread if it suits




After further testing I find that the stretching bodyparts of fallen enemies combined with

a freeze mod is absolutely lethal to low end computers when it comes to fps.




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Ive done some more testing, and the connection between the "tearing/stretching"

dead enemies and freeze effect is clear. It does cause major drain on a computers

recources. If you then combine this with a slowed down death animation, as the

result seems to be when a "frozen" enemy dies, then the severe drop in framrate

is prolonged.


I´ve tested this by destroying the tearing and stretching dead enemy bodies using

my Rhinos Stomp, and as soon as the bugged out corpse explodes, the fps returns

to notmal right away.


Cacodeamon, I would sugest you try to remove the Freeze mod you have on it. If you

happen to not have it equipped, then there is still the issue with torids clouds affecting 

fps allready (even if they improved it some) so coupled with the tearing bodies it makes

things worse.


Also, do not zoom in a the cloud when aiming. If you do that long enough when

placing too many clouds in one spot, it can get hella laggy. That goes away when you

zoom out again though.




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Body tearing seems to still be an issue, but as of Hotfix the

major lag issue whith frozen tearing bodies, and frozen exploding

bodies seems to be less pronounced.


I no longer get those huge drops in fps as I previously experienced.


Thanks DE!




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