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Archwing - Odonata Rework


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This is the base for what an awesome Archwing should be like.  The easiest to pull off to be the badass Zone of the Enders / Space Mecha that Archwing was clearly trying to imitate.  And somehow it just fell so short in my eyes.  Here are my thoughts on some tweaks/reworks.

1 - Energy Shell

Current:  Create a really weird effect around you, that shields you against damage.  About it.

Rework:  The actual ability is fine, the aesthetic is horrendous.  Also distracting as hell on certain colors.  Just make a really transparent sphere around the warframe itself, with a neat break animation, and this would be fine.


Something as simple as this would work fine
Image result for space shields
But something with hit effects like this, would truly be impressive, and awesome.

Image result for the mandate shields

2 - Disarray

Current:  Flares to fool missiles.  Does what its supposed to.

Rework:  Just for the sake of something, I'd say give it more flare?  Huehue.  Really though, almost all archwing abilities are pretty boring aesthetically, kick it up a notch.

3 - Seeking Fire

Current:  Shoot a few volleys of missiles that home onto your reticle.  Now this, this is what really irritates me.  This is the power fantasy that was the easiest to achieve, and is the most lackluster of all.  Did we somehow upset DE, and this is our punishment?  The most mediocre missile system known to gaming since the early 2000's?

Rework:  Macross missile massacre, enough said.  Give it a ammo limit, so you have to wait between volleys, the longer you wait, the more missiles you get.  Give them "okay" homing capability to basically ANYTHING in front of you, or use the old Ash Blade Storm system, so its like locking onto targets.  Then shoot out as many missiles as the system can handle!  Give them each a percent chance to just randomly explode into no where, and make the explosions actually look cool (Just for that good ol mecha effect).  More missiles, more explosions!


Image result for macross missile massacre

4 - Repel

Current:  You push things away, and damage them with no real visual effect.  I'm assuming this was a joke or something.  Or an ability that never got finished, but released anyways?  Might be useful, but extremely boring in both what it actually does, and aesthetic.

Rework:  I honestly would scrap this whole thing, and replace with it with some transformation, cause transformations are always fun.  Give it some extra glowy bits, increase the speed like crazy, increase dash distance for melee, damage output, missiles recharge faster, and add a cool trail for flying.  Or if you want, keep repel, just give it SOME visual, still think its boring.

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7 minutes ago, Pavelord said:

just as an addendum, disarray also blinds  nearby enemies. 

Er yeah,  sorry about that.

PS:  Mods moved this General out of Warframes.  Wonder if they realize that Archwings are just space Warframes >_>.  Whatever, technicalities. 

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