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Can we play with a weapon that looks like a weapon we think looks cool? (A few suggestions)

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One thing I love from other games is, I can select a weapon I want to use, and have it LOOK like a weapon I enjoy the look of. I use Sibear because I got a sweet rivan that boosts it's crit chance +300% and it currently has the highest crit chance out of any of my melees (rip my Gram Prime I fell in love with) however, the Sibear looks like a sucker, or rock candy that I am swinging around. I love the look of swords, but the raw power of that hammer has me having to use it. It clashes with the look of my frames.

Can we have it so we can select a weapon skin (that you own of course or maybe you unlocked and maxed out and the game rewards that by having it as a skin) and have the weapon we are using look like that skin? I know it's a bit far fetched, but I think it would open up much more user customization. I mean tbh the look of our frames is just a fashion gimmick that makes the player happy, I do not see why we cannot have that, because a player can hover over your name and see what weapon you are using, not having to actually see what it looks like.

"But what about the combo/style of the weapon swinging around?" We can have it where, if you select a sword skin over a hammer, it acts like a sword, keeping the damage and mods you have on your hammer, just with the look and movement of the sword.

Again I know it's far fetched, I still haven't thought through how it would work 100% but it can be open for discussion, maybe figure a way to make it work.

Assassin's Creed and Monster Hunter (with armor for MHW) allows ya to select cover skins for items.

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