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Railjack armaments UI: Turrets


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There are of course a lot of bugs in Railjack but some UI choices really have me scratching my head at how needlessly complicated they are:

If you want to check the stats of a weapon you salvaged need to hover over it and then press tab to see the stats. Why not just put both description and stats in the same box like it's done for shield array, reactor and engines. There is easily enough space on the screen and if you are already hovering over a weapon you are just focusing on that weapon anyway so it doesnt matter if it covers up the railjack in the background.

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Either make the "tab" switch a toggle once so i press "tab" once and it stays at showing the stats (of repairable weapons) cause it is annoying to tap "tab" everytime i want to compare a weapon

or add the stats to the right "stat box" where it at the moment just shows the already build weapon stats in comparison

but i guess it is a bug at the moment, cause repairable reactors/engines/shields are compared at the right "stat box" while weapons are not

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