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[Railjack Feedback] Please remove archaic "mission timeout" game design while at the same time you encourage us to explore with POI's.


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Lost all the loot in a Railjack mission AFTER I ALREADY completed the mission due to the archaic mission timeout "Mission Failed" cause I spent time exploring like you encouraged us to do with POI's.

It will be 2020 in a few weeks, please ditch that industrial age mechanic at least for Railjack missions.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Just to clarify since some people claim I lied about it or it didn't happened. It happened to me in solo (so we can rule out it being a connection issue that plague this game 90% of the time when something is wrong) and that was 2 hours total spent in an Earth mission which I just fly around and explore after I finish the mission. IF this weren't "supposed to happen" and it had nothing to do with "mission timeout" I would like to know what "failed" my mission when I already completed it? May be the game just hate me and not everyone else...

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