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Grineer Cruisers are severely bugged when destroyed.


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In less than 30 minutes I have encountered 2 major bugs regarding Grineer Cruisers in Railjack missions.

1. When you are in a Grineer Cruiser and it is destroyed from the outside, you enter a glitched "flying state where you do not have your Archwing or Archwing weapons, cannot access your item wheel, can still use Archwing abilities, and are equipped with your Warframe's weapons. When you enter your squad's Railjack, you will still be in this flying state, and exiting and reentering does not fix this issue.

2. When destroying a Grineer Cruiser's reactor from the inside, it appears there is a chance that you will fall through the game world into a sort of void. Typing /unstuck does not work; it says you are unstuck, but you're not. Also, attempting to use the Omni Tool to transport back does not work, as it state that there is some sort of level requirement. The only fix that worked was transporting to a different area, in this case the dojo, which caused my UI to horribly bug out.

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